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Welcome to the Berlin Alternative Clinic for Health and Better Living
Christiane Elisabeth Bergmann
Alternative Practitioner (Naturopath)
Ringstraße 60, 14476 Potsdam, Germany
Tel. 033208 21888,


Naturopathic medicine is based on a holistic approach to healing. The patient's complete set of symptoms, emotional or mental components and environment are all taken into consideration. Using traditional natural therapies along with the advancements of modern quantum medicine, I will select the least invasive methods of healing to design and individualize a program for each patient. These methods are used for the management of a broad range of health conditions for children just as well as for adults. Examples are:

- back, hip and knee pain
- sciatica
- hayfever
- neurodermatitis/atopic eczema
- food and other allergies
- migraine headaches and sinusitis
- orthopaedic pain problems
- chronic fatigue
- sleeping disorder / insomnia
- Burn-Out
- stress-related diseases
- depression
- panic attacs
- hyperactivity
- learning difficulties (e.g. ADHD)


Depending on your individual situation, any of the following therapies and methods may be used:

* FREEING/BioCranial
* Virtual Scanning and Chromotherapy (also known as Strannik) by Prof. I. Grakov
* Radionics (e.g. Quantec)
* Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer
* Life councelling/conversational therapy
* Reiki/Reiki-Initiation
* Homeopathy
* Matrix Energetics/Quantum Conciousness Transformation QCT
* SCENAR Therapy
* Singing bowls
* Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT
* Detoxification
* Relaxation methods


Read more at my German websites and, give me a ring for a free chat where I can answer your questions directly and in English or send me your message or question using the below contact form.


Out of my more than 20 years in private practice I have spent three in Leamington Spa/UK. In addition to my former training as a teacher for English and Russian, this enables me to provide advice in English just as easily as in my mother tongue, German. Sharing the expatriate experience and having accumulated many an inside knowledge of International schooling by heading the parents association of an International School for several years, I can also relate to challenges arising from such circumstances. As health issues, more often than not, root in life’s challenges we feel unable to meet, my approach pays extra attention to your specific situation and needs in comparable settings.

Starting from Thalamus Heilpraktikerschule in Munich where I passed my exams and was issued the “Erlaubnis zur Berufsausübung” (Official certificate that allows working as a naturopath) in 1995, I practically never stopped learning. I completed trainings in homeopathy, reflexology, kinesiology, iridology, yoga, meditation and a lot more. In 1999, I became a Reiki master and later on also a Certified “Living-the-Field” Instructor after Lynne McTaggart.

In addition to that, I am the first BioCranial therapist in Germany. I studied this extraordinarily successful technique for unlocking blockings in the human musculoskeletal system with its founder, Dr. Robert Boyd, in Ireland and in the United States.

For a number of years now, I have engaged myself in quantum physics and the revolutionary methods of quantum medicine. Healing with light, specific frequencies in the form of computer signals or even consciousness techniques has proven itself to be extremely effective and increasingly popular. In order to help people understand about their own power and possibilities and to let them take health in their own hands, I regularly hold seminars and workshops about these topics which include, for example, also Ho’oponopono.

Judge for yourself if my applied teachings on anti-aging work. I was born in 1960, and the photo is from 2012. You are welcome to come and meet me in person in my serene, light-flooded practice and learn for yourself how to make happiness and self-respect your fountain of youth.


Christiane Elisabeth Bergmann
Healing Therapist / Naturopath
Ringstraße 60
14476 Potsdam
Tel. 033208/21888

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My office is located in the north of Potsdam and can easily be accessed by car following the well-signposted B2 (Bundesstrasse / Federal Road #2) in Potsdam northbound or the same one Berlin-Spandau southbound.
There is frequent public bus traffic of line 638, too, both from Potsdam Main Railway Station and Berlin Spandau Rail Station to bus stop "Heinrich-Heine-Weg" in Neu Fahrland. With a single ticket "Berlin ABC" you can travel to my office seamlessly from every place in Berlin using all kind of Berlin and Potsdam public tansport, such as S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Tram and Bus.

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